Oliver Ray

Recruited by Patti Smith in 1995, Oliver Ray went from being a New York City street poet noise guitar player to a full-time member of her band for the next 10 years, honing his skills as a songwriter and musician. After this formative experience, he left NYC for Central America, where he worked on material of his own and became a father. In 2012, having relocated to Tucson, Arizona, some of these songs made their way on to his first post-Smith release, “Things As They Are,” on Tucson label Fort Lowell Records, under the name Saint Maybe. The raw power of this underground desert-psych-rock gem was a declaration of independence and featured long-time Dylan drummer, Winston Watson, and a cast of Sonoran guitar slingers. Disbanding after shaking up the clubs and bars of Tucson with mythopoeic performances, Ray descended into the underworld to retrieve pieces of his soul lost along the way of countless incarnations. 2019 sees Ray emerge from his chthonic hiatus with what has been dubbed ‘anti-psych,’ a music more concerned with the inner ordeal of the entheogenic experience than the hallucinatory flash and style of psych-rock today. “Out Passed Nowhere” a nine song map of this territory.




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