Video Premier | "Marnie" by China

Text by Randy Radic, Rawckus Magazine

“Marnie” opens on a soft guitar and Tapscott’s deliciously attractive tones. A galloping syncopated beat enters, infusing the tune with irresistible momentum, as sparkling guitar accents and pulsing keyboards color in the empty spaces. The shift to the chorus is seamless, while the chorus itself coruscates on a gleaming stream of hues.

Tapscott’s voice is, simply put, one of the most dulcet voices around, combining the best of Johnny Cash and Chris Isaak, full of creamy beguiling timbres. It’s one of those voices you actually focus on intently because you want to soak it up and enjoy it.

The lyrics tell the tale of “Marnie,” a woman and lover who has departed from the scene but not the narrator’s mind or heart. As he thinks of her, he wonders if she’s gone for good. There’s an emotional fervor, an urgent hesitance to his doubt, making the question all the more poignant.

Yasamine June