Ghost Blue

Ghost Blue


Single by Sparrows Gate

2 songs | 7:53 run time

Available on: 7” Vinyl, Digital + Streaming

Singer-songwriter Zebedee Zaitz and his band of outsiders venture to new horizons on this set of songs, the follow-up to 2013’s “Beneath the Electric Church.” Owing as much to Rimbaud as to rock ‘n roll, these two tracks of surrealist folk-rock invoke the sublime. As much a follow-up as a sign of things to come, “Ghost Blue” is the most powerful music the group has made to date. Fans of the transcendent tunes of Cass McCombs, Bill Callahan, and Little Wings (of which Zaitz is a current touring member) will find much to enjoy within the world of “Ghost Blue.”

Catalog # DE009

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