Pool of Tears

Pool of Tears


Album by China

11 tracks | 38:46 run time | Available on: Cassette, Digital + Streaming

“Pool of Tears” is a profound statement from a band coming into its own. You can hear all the classic folk-rock influences — Shakey, Dylan, CSNY, The Band, The Byrds; you can hear echoes of indie rock, sunshine pop, and private-press loner folk too. But it’s the evocative lyrics, shot through with black humor and a wry twisted tongue, as well as the stirring performances that bring freshness to these charmingly rustic songs. Rendered in vivid technicolor, each song is a vignette with cinematic scope, populated by doomed anti-heroes and desolate landscapes. These are stories of life on the road, life on the run, life on the wrong side of the tracks — a blend of the real and the absurd. Full of forlorn melancholy and nostalgic longing, these songs attempt to make sense of the past by looking back in the rear-view mirror or the window of a Greyhound bus on the way out of town.

Catalog # DE012

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