Residual Daydreams

Residual Daydreams


Album by Natural Bridges

10 tracks | 34:00 run time

Available on: Cassette, Digital + Streaming

‘Residual Daydreams’ is the new album from Northern California’s Natural Bridges. Centered around the songwriting of Matthew Johnson, the album features 10 pop, rock, and soul influenced tunes that sound like lost classics dug from the depths of the dollar bin. Produced in collaboration with Davi Jaberi and Jason Cirimele (The Donkeys) and mixed by David Glasebrook, the album pairs heartfelt songwriting with the golden glow of classic pop. The result is a timeless collection of songs that recall the best music of the 60’s and 70’s while imbuing the songs with a freshness as clear as the California ocean breeze.

Inspired by Brian Wilson, Brenton Wood, Todd Rundgren, and NRBQ, the album features a range of tones and textures, playing like the best greatest hits you’ve never heard…until now! Album opener ‘Baby Breeze’ and ‘Wind Chimes’ are all soulful Todd Rundgren vibes, meanwhile ‘Ronnie’s In Bed’ and ‘Shone Like Gold’ have the effervescent pop magic of early Big Star and Badfinger, ‘Peaceful One’ takes the reigns with the overdriven stomp of Crazy Horse, and title track ‘Residual Daydreams’ embodies the gently rustic sound of early 70’s folk rock.

Equally important to the album is the timeless songwriting of singer/songwriter Matthew Johnson. Johnson writes with a warmth and sincerity rarely found in music these days. Much like his hero Neil Young, he paints portraits of everyday life and imbues them with profound resonance, each song a perfect snapshot of a single moment frozen in time. On the title track ‘Residual Daydreams’ he writes of an idyllic vision glimpsed during a seemingly normal stroll downtown, while on ‘Peaceful One’ he writes of his people the Coast Miwok and the land they have called home for thousands of years in Northern California. At once melancholic and hopeful, these songs are charming and endlessly endearing and will stick with like a good friend.

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