Geodesic Dome Piece

Geodesic Dome Piece

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Album by The Blank Tapes

12 songs | 39:48 run time | Available on: Cassette, Vinyl LP, Digital + Streaming

Geodesic Dome Piece features 12 tracks of stoned-out rock ‘n roll bliss — ranging from jangly guitar balladry to electric sitar psych-outs, neo-pop nuggets, 70s rock juggernauts, and heavy fuzz freakouts.

Catalog # DE007

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The Blank Tapes’ Geodesic Dome Piece is an album filled with humor, wizard-like instrumentation, and the occasional bong rip, resulting in a carefree work of celebrated self-expression. A genre well in need of some revival and renewal, Geodesic Dome Piece hits it out of the park

— Surviving the Gold Rush