Moon Mirage

Moon Mirage

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Album by Trans Van Santos

7 tracks | 24:57 run time

Available on: Vinyl LP, Cassette, Digital + Streaming

*Cassette features 3 exclusive bonus tracks

Moon Mirage is the new album from Trans Van Santos, the latest incarnation of acid gospel visionary Mark Matos and his transcendent tunes. Produced by old friend and frequent collaborator Matt Adams of The Blank Tapes; mixed by fellow dreamer and musical maverick David Glasebrook; and featuring contributions from a cast of friends including the lovely Anna Jo, Matt Adams, and Pearl Charles — the sound is all dry dusty crooners and sun-baked ballads.

Catalog # DE005

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On Moon Mirage, Matos careens through a series of laconic countrified tracks that draw inspiration from artists like Lee Hazelwood and Neil Young but manages to stand on its own in terms of creative execution. Like the last rays of light streaming across the desert landscape before the night takes over, Matos’ ambling, pensive aesthetic is gorgeous and fleeting and can move you to tears.